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The Real Reason Customers Leave

I put the phone down and thought about what he had just told me. He said, “our last supplier became complacent. Their heart wasn’t in it”. I was conducting a customer survey for one of my clients. This was a respondent’s answer to the question: Why did you…

The Four Agreements: Life Lessons for Marketers

The Four Agreements: Life Lessons for Marketers

I recently read Don Miguel Ruiz’s ‘The Four Agreements’ and thought about how these life lessons apply to me as a marketer. 1) Be impeccable with your word.

Unleash the Emotion

Industrial Marketers Unleash The Emotion

I came away from the Word Marketing & Sales Forum (WMSF) at Melbourne Town Hall feeling inspired. A straight-talking, rebellious marketer challenged my thinking about the messages we send to customers. This person made me reflect on what I need to change to be a better industrial marketer.

Keep Marketing Simple

I created the Customer Wish-List Matrix to help you evaluate whether your marketing is designed with the customers’ best interests in mind. The column headings contain the three pillars of simple marketing: (1) easy to understand; (2) easy to use; and (3) easy to access. The rows contain your core marketing elements.

Philip Kotler

Four Things I Learned at World Marketing and Sales Forum

I arrived in Melbourne full of anticipation. Having lived in the ‘world’s most liveable city’ for 9 years, it is always a pleasure to return. I was going to see Philip Kotler – the godfather of marketing at the World Marketing and Sales Forum in Melbourne Town Hall. Other influential marketing and sales speakers included…

Market Research and Analysis

The Most Underrated Marketing Task

Market research is like the foundation of a building. It’s neither glamorous, nor loved…however, you cannot build something remarkable without it…

Five Ways to Overcome a Content Marketer's Biggest Challenge

Five ways to overcome a content marketer’s biggest challenge

Here are 5 ways for industrial marketers to overcome the ‘lack of time’ content marketing challenge: 1) Make content marketing a key tactic in your plan…

Change your mindset to beat the B2B price trap

Change Your Mindset to Beat the B2B Price Trap

One of my customers asked if I could write an article on ways to help his salespeople overcome ‘selling on price’ or the B2B price trap….

Sydney Harbour Sailing

The Marketing Plan that Tacks

Before you pull out your marketing plan template and start filling it in, make sure it contains the 2 most important steps of the marketing plan process…

Jacquelyn Rose McCarl

Of Fatherhood and Marketing

The best marketers demonstrate empathy. They can put themselves in the shoes of others and fully appreciate how that person might feel, think, and…

Customer Referrals

The Subtle Art of Customer Referrals

Ask your customers directly for a referral and you give them a task to do. Here are 5 ways B2B marketers can get more customer referrals in a subtle way…

Share of Customer Spend

The Smart Way to Calculate Your Share of Customer Wallet

Most likely, you are estimating your share of customer wallet based on how much they spend with you. This inward-looking method is completely flawed, and here’s why…

Customer Retention

Retain Your Customers with Content Marketing

Whilst most businesses use content marketing to attract new customers, they tend to overlook the significant benefits of using it to retain existing ones…

Five Steps to Create a Unique Customer Value Proposition

One of the biggest opportunities for many industrial manufacturing and engineering companies is rediscovering their unique customer value proposition…

Strategic Thinking

Why Companies Outsource Left-Brain Marketing

There is a growing trend among industrial businesses to outsource the analytical left-brain marketing functions to gain a competitive advantage…

Profit Margin

Redefine What You Do to Increase Sales and Profits

By re-defining ‘what they do’ and ‘how they will grow’, BIC uncovered a new market opportunity to increase sales and profits. The BIS Sports division now…