Industrial Market Research & Analysis

Your customers have more choices and information than ever before. New competitive threats to your business are always emerging.

We help you attract and retain customers by identifying key insights about your target markets and competitors. Our industrial market research methods include qualitative surveys and secondary research. We use analytical frameworks and models to interpret the data so that you clearly understand the strategic issues and opportunities for your business.

Customer Surveys

I get to the heart of ‘why’ customers buy from you (or not) so that you can refine your value proposition to meet the needs and feelings of your target customers.

My preferred method for conducting small scale (5 – 50 recipients) customer surveys is by telephone. A 5 – 10 question survey is all that is needed to provide meaningful insights that you can act upon.

For research projects with a larger sample size (51+ recipients) or questionnaire (11+ questions), I recommend using a web based questionnaire with a link that can be emailed to the recipients.

Upon completion of the customer survey, I analyse the data and write a report using decision-making models and frameworks to help you clearly understand the key issues and opportunities for your business.

Competitor Analysis

Gaining an independent view of your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses is powerful. It eliminates biases and outdated assumptions that people within your business might hold.

My method for conducting competitor analysis is desktop research.

By analysing a competitor’s website, industry news, annual reports, presentations and social media activity, I can identify the following key insights using competitor analysis frameworks:

  • Core Capabilities
  • Strategic Assets
  • Target Markets
  • Positioning
  • Current and Future Strategy
  • Strengths & Weaknesses

I highlight these insights, along with the implications for your business, in the Competitor Analysis Report that I present to you personally.

Market Analysis

Whether you’re entering a new geographical market, targeting a new customer segment or launching a new product / service, you will require facts to support such a big investment.

I will help you assess the pros and cons, risks and opportunities and best way forward for your market opportunity by:

  • Collecting the facts, trends and evidence
  • Analysing the data using strategic models and frameworks
  • Recommending the best course of action for you to ‘win’

My market research report will provide you with the insights, issues, opportunities and recommendations to support your investment decision.


“Lighthouse Marketing provided a comprehensive assessment of market trends, competitor assessment, and strategic opportunities for ECM’s consideration.  The quality of the information delivered was sound and easily applicable to the company’s strategic planning activities”

Patrick O’BoyleManager - Growth and Development

“The research conducted by Lighthouse Marketing gave us an external insight into our customer’s perceptions of our ‘point of difference’ distilled down into a clear and concise view”.

Malcolm StewartManaging Director

“Lighthouse Marketing took the time to understand our problem and the context of our project before delivering a solution. John McCarl delivered himself professionally and the deliverables were provided on time and on budget. We used the findings to check and enhance our own knowledge and subsequently entered into strategy execution phase more informed”.

National Sales and Marketing Manager

“Wallandra Fabrications engaged Lighthouse Marketing to conduct a customer satisfaction survey on our main competitors. We were very happy with the research carried out by Lighthouse Marketing and it will be a vital part of our marketing plan”.

Troy WallaceProject Consultant

“I’ve worked with John for many years. He does a great job, and that’s why we brought him into ENGIE to do our marketing”.

Mark WilliamsonManaging Director, ENGIE Services