Workshop Facilitation for Industrial Businesses

One of the most effective ways to share ideas, solve problems and create a collaborative work environment is through workshops.

Improved team and business performance are key outcomes you should expect from your workshop. We help you achieve these results by facilitating a workshop that is engaging, inclusive and practical.

Unbiased with a Different Perspective

A major benefit of engaging us to facilitate your workshop is you are certain to get all viewpoints discussed, rather than just the views of the most senior or vocal participants. Additionally, our independence and range of industry experience enables us to ask thought provoking questions that you may not consider as an insider to your business.

Our Workshop Facilitation methodology:

  • Planning / Pre-Work

    • Understand workshop purpose and expected outcomes
    • Gain agreement with stakeholders on workshop facilitation process
    • Identify key contributors to workshop outcomes
    • Pre-work (as required)
  • Delivery

    • Create energetic and inclusive environment
    • Challenge and debate ideas
    • Agree on actions and next steps
  • Report and Follow - Up

    • Produce final workshop report
    • Follow-up with participants on actions and next steps
    • Monitor team / business improvement peformance


“I appreciate your efforts and energy during the workshop, John. Some really good outcomes”.

Tony DeacyProject Manager - Novo Rail alliance

“The strategic marketing workshop and subsequent report from Lighthouse Marketing has enabled us to focus our marketing and sales activities on those key market segments that value what we have to offer”.

Philip CrawfordBusiness Development Manager - Mechanical engineering company

“I’ve worked with John for many years. He does a great job, and that’s why we brought him into ENGIE to do our marketing and workshops”.

Mark WilliamsonManaging Director, ENGIE Services