Commercial High Rise


After acquiring three building services companies, ENGIE Services had a unique opportunity to offer customers three technical services (Fire, HVAC and Electrical & Data) from a single supplier.

What the Executive Leadership Team needed was a consistent and succinct marketing message that all 1,000+ employees could tell customers.

The team engaged Lighthouse Marketing to help them develop their unique customer value proposition. John (Lighthouse Marketing) began the process by conducting a customer survey to identify the customer’s key value drivers and pain points. Armed with new customer insights, John facilitated a workshop with the Executive Management Team to develop their ‘go to market’ customer value proposition.

John is now helping ENGIE Services execute and deliver on the value proposition by creating marketing communications across direct and digital channels.

“I’ve worked with John for many years. He does a great job, and that’s why we brought him into ENGIE to do our marketing”.

– Mark Williamson, Managing Director – ENGIE Services