Sheet Steel Case Study

Know your competitor’s strategy

The sales and marketing team analysed, debated, and finally agreed on the four key pillars that would form the basis of this Australian Steel Rollformer’s future marketing strategy.

But before the company implemented their strategy, the team knew they needed to know more about their competitors.

The steel rollformer engaged Lighthouse Marketing to conduct a competitor analysis and customer research project. Lighthouse Marketing collected information through primary and secondary research, then analysed the data using strategic frameworks and models.

The research report provided insights and answers to the following questions:

  • What are the competitor’s core products and target markets?
  • What are the competitor’s strengths, weaknesses, and core competencies?
  • What do customers like best about the competition?
  • What is the competitor’s current and future strategy?
  • What is the rollformer’s ‘share of wallet’ for select customers?
  • What elements of customer value could the rollformer do more / less of and which ones can they potentially eliminate / introduce?

Lighthouse Marketing took the time to understand our problem and the context of our project before delivering a solution. John McCarl delivered himself professionally and the deliverables were provided on time and on budget. We used the findings to check and enhance our own knowledge and subsequently entered into strategy execution phase more informed.

National Sales & Marketing Manager