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Position your business for profitable sales growth

ECM engaged Lighthouse Marketing to research and provide a strategic overview of the evolving Queensland mining, oil and gas markets to assist with the company’s strategic planning activities.

Lighthouse Marketing put into action the following 5-Step Research Methodology:

  1. Industry Analysis – to identify key competitors, analyse market profitability, and determine the main factors influencing competition
  2. Competitor Analysis – to understand strengths and weaknesses, target markets, market positioning, current and future strategy.
  3. Market Trends and Outlook – to understand customer buying trends, growth segments, and key success factors.
  4. Key Insights – to identify the market opportunities and potential pitfalls.
  5. Strategic Options – to recommend potential market strategies for consideration.

“Lighthouse Marketing provided a comprehensive assessment of market trends, competitor assessment, and strategic opportunities for ECM’s consideration.  The quality of the information delivered was sound and easily applicable to the company’s strategic planning activities”

– Patrick O’Boyle, Manager – Growth and Development